Pulmicort Turbohaler is an inhaler. It contains a medicine called budesonide. This belongs to a group of medicines called ‘corticosteroids’. It works by reducing and preventing swelling and inflammation in your lungs.

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What is Pulmicort ?

Pulmicort Turbuhaler is inhaled into the lungs for the treatment of asthma. Asthma is a medical term given to a situation whereby the air passage ways of your lungs become narrow and swollen or inflamed, making it challenging for you to breathe properly. This may be as a result of reaction to house dust, smoke, mites, air pollution or other things that can cause lungs irritation.

Although Pulmicort is acting as a preventer, it needs to be taken time to time as recommended by your physician. Pulmicort Turbuhaler is not going to alleviate any acute asthma attack that has already started. Pulmicort has budesonide. It belongs to the family of medicines called corticosteroids, which are used to reduce inflammation.

Pulmicort Turbuhaler acts directly on your airways to reduce inflammation. This helps in improving your asthma condition and also to prevent the occurrence of asthma strikes. Whenever you breathe in through the mouthpiece of the inhaler, your breath conveys the medicine to your lungs. Pulmicort is not addictive and can only be used following a physician’s recommendation.

Pulmicort Turbuhaler should be used regularly for your asthma, even if you feel well. You can consult with your physician regularly to ensure that your asthma is not getting worse. Your Pulmicort Turbuhaler dosage will be changed either increase or decrease by your physician depending on your situation.

If Pulmicort Turbuhaler has been recommended for you and you are still using “steroid” tablets, your physician may steadily reduce your tablet dosage. You may still be able to ultimately stop using the tablets. In the event that you miss a dose, it is not a must you make up for the missed dose instead, take the next due dose.

  • Before beginning treatment, read the manufacturer’s printed information leaflet.
  • Use your inhaler at regular intervals as directed by your doctor.
  • Make sure you know how to use your inhaler correctly. If you are not sure, ask your nurse, doctor or pharmacist to show you.
  • If you are using a high dose of Pulmicort, you will also have been given a steroid card. You must carry the card with you at all times.
  • Try to use this inhaler at the same times each day to avoid missing any doses.
Before you use Pulmicort Turbohaler, tell your doctor or pharmacist if:

  • You have a lung infection.
  • You have a cold or chest infection or any problems with your breathing.
  • You have or have ever had tuberculosis (TB).
  • You have liver problems.


  • use Pulmicort Turbuhaler if you are sensitive to any drug having budesonide. A few of the symptoms of sensitivity may include: hives or itching on the skin, rash, breath shortness,  difficulty breathing or wheezing, swelling of the tongue, face, lips or other body parts..
  • use after it has expired. Using it after the expiry has may have no additional effect at all or worse, there may be an unexpected effect.
  • use Pulmicort Turbuhaler should the packaging reveals signs of tampering.
  • use it to treat other complaints except your physician instructs you.
  • hand it over to another person.

If perhaps you need to change physician, tell them you are currently using Pulmicort. Should you are about to be administered with a new drug, tell your physician that you are using Pulmicort Inhaler.

  • Pulmicort is a preventer inhaler which needs to be used regularly in order to have an effect. It will not give you immediate relief if you are having an asthma attack. You will need a reliever inhaler to ease the symptoms of an attack.
  • If you find that your asthma symptoms are getting worse or that you need to use a reliever inhaler more regularly, contact your doctor or nurse for advice straight away.
  • If you are having any treatment like an operation or dental treatment, tell the person carrying out the treatment that you are using Pulmicort.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking causes severe irritation and damage to the lungs. It will make your condition worse and will reduce the beneficial effects of your medication.
  • If you have diabetes this preparation can affect the levels of sugar in your blood. Check your blood glucose levels regularly.
  • Stopping this treatment suddenly may make you feel unwell. Do not stop using this inhaler without speaking to your doctor first.
  • If you buy any medicines, check with a pharmacist that they are safe to take with your other medicines.
Perhaps you have any of the following sensitivity to Pulmicort, endeavour to get emergency medical help immediately: difficulty breathing, hives; swelling of your throat, tongue, lips, face.

Get in touch with your physician immediately should you have any of the following critical side effects:

  • fever with ear pain;
  • breathing or wheezing problems after using Pulmicort;
  • tired feeling, weakness, vomiting, nausea;
  • deteriorating respiratory symptoms;
  • visual challenges; or
  • Changes in the location and shape of body fat particularly in your legs, neck, arms, waist, face, breasts).

Less severe Pulmicort negative effects may include:

  • white patches or sores on your lips or inside your mouth;
  • sneezing, stuffy or runny nose;
  • headache
  • cough, sore throat;
  • nose bleeding;
  • Vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhoea.
Please let your physician knows should you are taking or have of late taken any other drugs. This comprise of drugs you purchase without being recommended and herbal drugs. This is due to the fact that Pulmicort Turbohaler can affect the functionality of some drugs and also, some drugs can have effect on Pulmicort Turbohaler.

Particularly, let your physician know if you are using any of the following drugs:

  • Steroid drugs.
  • Drugs for treating fungal infections (like ketoconazole and itraconazole).
  • HIV protease inhibitors (like nelfinavir and ritonavir).
  • Should you be pregnant, or planning to get pregnant, speak with your physician prior to using Pulmicort. Never use Pulmicort Turbohaler except your physician instructs you.
  • If you get pregnant while using Pulmicort Turbohaler, never stop the use of Pulmicort Turbohaler however contact your physician right away.
  • If you are breastfeeding, contact your physician prior to using Pulmicort Turbohaler.
To have the optimum benefit from your inhaler, you need to ensure you are using it appropriately. Analysis has revealed that most individuals never utilise their inhaler correctly. You can ask your asthma or GP nurse to verify your inhaler method.
Be very careful to take Pulmicort. Endeavour to regularly check with your physician to know if it is appropriate for you. To order a Pulmicort online, you will have to complete our questionnaire and wait for approval by the doctor. We can only work on your order if you are fit and you should receive medications a day (24 hours) after the confirmation has been sent. In addition, we provide next day delivery at no cost on every of our products and only ship in safe discreet packages.

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