Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

By using the website you have implied consent for cookies to be installed. If you do not consent, you must disable cookies in your browser or stop using the site.

Cookies explained

Cookies are small text files put onto your computer or mobile device by a website. The cookie will help the website, or another third party website or online service to recognise your browser the next time you visit.

Removing and disabling Cookies

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, if you do not want cookies to be placed on your computer at all, you can change the function setting on the browser. You can control the cookies on your computer or device. If you do turn cookies off this will limit the service that we are able to provide to you and may affect your experience of our website i.e. the basket function will not function. Please visit to get more information on how to delete existing cookies from your computer. For mobile devices, please refer to information provided for your device.

Types of cookies

Essential Cookies: Certain cookies are essential to provide a service to you, such as using a shopping cart and checkout. For example, they allow us to remember what you add to your shopping basket

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies help us remember your settings for each time you visit. They enable us to authenticate who you are once you registered and will enable faster access to the website on your next visit.

Performance Cookies: We may use one or both Google Analytics and Statcounter to analyse how our visitors use our website. This will help to improve how the site runs and personalise the website for a better, more convenient user experience. You can find out more about how this service works by visiting Google Analytics overview.

We do not collect any personal information. Cookies do not contain confidential or personally identifiable information. Our site will not function correctly without cookies.

Social Network Links: features used to allow easier communication to social networking systems. These features may use cookies, or the social networking software. By clicking the social or follow buttons you have implied consent for these activities. If you do not consent, don’t click the social Like or Follow buttons, and clear your browser cookies.