Primolut N is a tablet medication indicated for use in a range of menstrual disorders. It contains the ingredient norethisterone, a synthetic hormone which performs a similar function to progesterone. It is used to treat irregular periods, painful menstruation, premenstrual syndrome and endometriosis. It is also an effective period delay treatment.

Primolut (Norethisterone) 5mg Tablets

Primolut (Norethisterone) 5mg Tablets

It is used to treat irregular periods, painful menstruation, premenstrual syndrome and endometriosis. It is also an effective period delay treatment.

includes free private prescription
includes free private prescription

What is Primolut?

Primolut N tablets have the dynamic additive norethisterone, a well known manufactured hormone like progesterone, the normal female sex hormone. This hormone assumes an essential part in ladies’ menstrual cycle and fruitfulness.
Primolut tablets are generally used on chosen days amid the latter half of the menstrual cycle, contingent upon the issue being dealt with. To postpone menstrual blood loss you ought to use the tablets three days prior to the beginning of your period cycle, maximum of two weeks tops. Ladies with menopause manifestations or endometriosis ought to ingest a tablet consistently for an amplified stretch of time. The quantity of tablets to use, how regularly and to what extent must be dictated by a specialist. Primolut tablets ought to be gulped down with some water, ideally with meals too.

You ought to use your Primolut 5mg tablets gulped down with a glass of water, with or without eating, once, twice or thrice daily. The dosage you take, how regularly at what phase of the menstrual cycle and to what extent, relies upon what your treatments are and your specialist’s proposal. You ought to keep on using your Primolut 5mg tablets for a few month to month menstrual cycles, as prescribed by your specialist.

You ought not to take Primolut 5mg tablets in the event that you:

  • are sensitive to norethisterone or any additions in Primolut.
  • are expectant with child or breastfeeding
  • suffer from liver infection or liver tumours
  • exhibit any sex-hormone related tumours
  • have or there is an ancestral record of vein or blood vessel thrombotic or thromboembolic occasions (e.g. profound venous thrombosis, pneumonic embolism, myocardial localised necrosis) or prodromi of a thrombosis (e.g. angina pectoris, transient ischaemic assault) or of a cerebrovascular mishap.
  • suffer headache or diabetes with vascular inclusion
  • suffer chloasma (yellowish-chestnut coloration blotches on the skin, especially the facial area) assuming this is the case; keep away from the sun or bright radiation
  • are using medications that connect with Primolut, such as anti-convulsants like carbamazepin and phenytoin, hostile to infective like rifabutin, rifampicin, nevirapine, St. John’s wort, efavirenz, the immune-suppressant cyclosporine, oral anti-diabetics.
A few pharmaceuticals connect with Primolut 5mg tablets and ought to either not be used while you are using Primolut or strictly on interactions and guidelines from your specialist:

  • Drugs that influence Primolut: carbamazepin and phenytoin, hostile to infective like rifabutin, rifampicin, nevirapine, St. John’s wort, and efavirenz.
  • Drugs that are influenced by Primolut: the immune-suppressant cyclosporine and oral anti-diabetics.

Uncommon at this strength, but you may experience nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue or headache. Rarely, it can cause a worsening of some chronic diseases or interact with some medicines, but one of our doctors will give you more information if necessary in your case. Please also see the manufacturer’s leaflet that accompanies your medicine for a full list of side-effects.

Certain meds ought not to be taken amid expectant and lactating mothers. Notwithstanding, different solutions may be securely utilized as a part of expectant and lactating mothers giving the advantages to the mother exceed the dangers to the unborn child. Continuously alert your specialist on the off chance that you are expectant or trying for a pregnancy, before taking any prescription.

This solution ought not to be taken amid expectancy. In the event that you take-in while taking this drug you ought to quit taking it quickly and visit your specialist. A high dosage may smother parturition and modify the milk composition. Approach your specialist for instructions.

This solution is not prescribed for usage by lactating mothers. A high dosage may hinder breast milk production and modify the contents of the milk. Approach your specialist for instructions on this issue.

Medical Advice

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